General Tyres




General Tyres is one of 32 Tyre General Franchises in New Zealand.

The company was formed in September 1992 and became the first Tyre General Franchise in New Zealand. The company has its origins as far back as 1984 when Bandag NZ Ltd purchased Dunedin Tyre Service in Hillside Road and operated from those premises for approximately two years until March 1986 when the present premises in Bridgman St were purchased.

Owner Jim Black has lived in Dunedin all of his life and has worked in the tyre industry for 40 years bringing a lot of experience to the tyre industry. He personally manages the business on a day-to-day basis. His association with Bandag began when he took up the position of Manager of the Dunedin Retread plant in Harrow St. in 1982.

General Tyres is Telarc Q-Base registered.

The Q-Base Code takes the principles of ISO 9002 and has adapted them to suit the requirements of service oriented smaller businesses, like the Tyre General.

The company has a staff of Thirteen: Nine in Dunedin, & Four in Gore. All staff have the knowledge to help any customer with any enquiry and our staff are always taking on new product information to insure they have the best knowledge of the wide range of products we sell.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours faithfully
Jim Black
Managing Director